We want to help shape a sustainable, value-added economy where added value is aresult of appreciation. We want to work with people who outgrow themselves in such a setting. We are curious about innovation, creativity and the people behind it . We want to share our experience, our network and our know how to open doors and pave ways for you.


We combine expertise of two generations. We successfully link over 30 years of management experience with the conditions and requirements of Generation Y.


Bernhard Böhm has been involved into building, structuring and positioning over 160 technology companies strategically since 1985 to take them from seed stage to exit. Further he has been building several venture capital companies and took care of the fundraising. His technological focus is in information technology, mediacal tehnology, sensor and microelectronics. 


In addition to her 10 years of experience in operations in technology companies Lea Böhm's focus is the most important resource of enterprises. She knows what motivates and inspires people, what it takes to communicate effectively with each other and how to collaborate to achieve ones goals.

We invest into people that have an attitude of appreciation, that are interested in an authentic exchange and sincere collaboration and its related synergies.

We participate in projects where our experience and expertise create added value, in which both sides benefit from a collaboration. We accompany teams over a longer period, are sparring partner and keep learning by doing so.


We invest in technologies that are scalable and promise to bring foreseeable market success.


Hard facts:

  • Seed Funding up to 20T €
  • Monitoring over a period of 12 months to Series A financing

Business Angels Berlin Brandenburg


Financial institutions
(venture capital firms, banks, public funding bodies)

Startups in the technology sector


Know-how and smart people